Battlerite Royale – Free-To-Play Trailer


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Battlerite Royale Free-To-Play – Available February 19


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  1. People trying to hate on a dev team that just wanted to balance the game before it went free to play… Why can't people understand that this is common. "Early Access" is called "Early Access" for a reason. Wake up

  2. I wish that now, Battlerite Royale acquire a more stable base of players, when the game came out in early access, there were a lot of people and I had a lot of fun, after it started to lower the player base, I had to spend a lot of time to find a match. Now with the arrival of this change I will play this game again that I like quite a lot

  3. I am not a fan of the Battlerite Royale mode but people need to understand that there are core diffetences with games like Apex, Fortnite or PUBG to this game. The game wont fail because of them, it might fail because of iteself, but IT IS NOT AN FPS GAME, it targets MOBA players, it requires a different skill set.

  4. Guys, check out my Funny Battlerite Royale montage on my channel. Maybe it will be better than this trailer 😉

  5. You guys shouldve just focuses on the moba game. It couldve been so much more and it wouldve been its own unique game. You guys really messed up trying to branch out into battle royale.

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