Battlerite: Should I Have A Main?


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  1. Man talk about bad matchmaking usualy the match making is pretty ok it's just when one thing happens that just pissed me off and that's when one team has a support and the other doesn't for some reason that shit pissed me off because it's 99% a free win pretty much.

  2. I used to play a lot of everything until I played poloma and from then on i play only her and nothing else 😀

  3. I'm a support main who plays one more than the others basically. like 36% games pearl. I like changing it up though so while I play the fuck out of pearl, I have a ranged and a dps I also am okay at

  4. Ok I need help with this… 4:50 he has full energy and uses his R, you can see the he has double aa but the abilitie never comes on cooldown. What is that?

  5. having a main is ok but being able to play all champions is better because there is things you cant know from the pov of the opponent, there is things you can only understand by playing the champion yourself and it make you a lot stronger when playing AGAINTS it

  6. I was a raigon main, but yesterday I played one game with freya and instantly loved her and thought she was op.

  7. I've been thinking about this ever since watching this video a couple days ago. Even if someone picks a main, they should try to learn and get good with as many characters as possible. At first, I just played one character, and I did all right, but my win/loss ratio has been steadily improving ever since I started going out of my way to learn other characters because nothing will give you a better understanding of the strengths, limitations, and likely tactics, of the characters you go up against than just learning those characters yourself.

  8. Just got into Battlerite, this is the first video I've watched on it. Good stuff! I've been playing for about 15 hours total on mostly Jade and some Pearl. Jade already felt like my kind of champion, but I definitely need to try out everyone.

  9. The first character i played (except jade in tutorial) was varesh and i just didnt get him and couldnt land anything and felt like the char was bad as afterwards did considerably better on different chars, but it annoyed me that i couldnt grasp this char and so just kept playing him. Although i am current attempting to get every char to lvl 10 that was how i became a varesh main 🙂

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