Be careful not to use Autodesk Crack Codes like 666-69696969


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Be careful not to use Autodesk Crack Codes like 666-69696969was extracted from

Public service announcement – be careful not to illegally download Autodesk Autocad software especially using “crack-codes” that can lead to a copyright infringement audit.

Attorney Steve Vondran, the federal copyright lawyer explains problems with illegally downloading free software over the internet, especially using codes that may be provided on websites setup to attract software pirates.

Using these crack codes could lead to legal action against your company and force you to face a software licensing audit. Once you submit a worksheet disclosing the use of these crackcodes such as




or 066-66666666

The use of these numbers to download free software can lead you to a costly audit, a federal lawsuit, or worse yet, end up on a federal prosecutors desk seeking charges for criminal copyright infringement.

We can help protect your company if you are facing a BSA, SIIA, Autodesk, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, or Adobe audit. We have helped many companies stay in business and helped officers and directors avoid filing for bankruptcy or facing jail time. In most cases, we can get your case settled with confidentiality under FRE Rule 408.


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  1. If you want people to learn your software, just let individuals use it for free. ffs when will these greedy companies learn

  2. man that video was so great.I just wanna know why companies cannot stop it.i had an idea from you of what they would do to prevent it. but I have a question: I have heard that most company target people who are make money (business) from the software rather than people who are using it for just try to experience it or education purposes? I wish to tell us more about that. thanks a lot on the video.
    also, what bout other country like china, African countries who do not have "copy rights" as strict law?

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