Beginners Guide to WARFRAME [2017] – PC & Console – First Steps & Goals


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  1. PSA: This is by no means an exhaustive guide! I left out a lot of details to prevent people from "glazing" over and losing focus. One major detail I didn't talk about is modding weapons and warframes. If you guys dig this video, I might make an early game modding guide to help out that early-mid game grind.


  2. I'm 10 hours in and I'd reacted to the market exactly like you described in the video and never touched it again

  3. I came back to the game after a while, when I tried to start over I found I had my old warframe Loki, should I create a new account to go fro excalibur? or will be ok with my current?

  4. Ey thanks Teft. I returned to Warframe like 2 days ago and it was a weird step for me but you video here really helped.

  5. I am completely mesmerized of how good this game looks and runs on a gtx670(quite a low tier card by today's standards, somewhat on par with amd's rx 460/ nvidia's 1050). Defaulted settings to medium, frame locked at 72(cause v-sinc was giving me mouse lag and 60 frames lock on a 60hz monitor would give me tearing), and the gpu stays around 60% usage. Wish i could load higher textures, as so far it only uses 700/2000MB of vram, even at high detail.

  6. Thanks for the excellent beginners guide! I've watched my friends play, but this makes sense of the madness I have seen them do. I don't know if this is a tip/warning, or whether the bug still exists, but when I started the game there was a random option to preview the new parkour movement tutorial and it immediately locked me out of the first tutorial/mission and locked my choices to Excalibur+Britton+Skana! I had been putting off trying to get back into Warframe (figuring I would need to do the tutorial all over again on the Xbox), but your video helped fill in the info I was missing from the in-game tutorial, plus more.

  7. somebody please help i started warframe but it didnt let me choose any characters jut started with volt??

  8. Destiny player here, thanks for the guide!

    I also tried to hold square to install my components, glad I'm not the only one. I thought ghost was bugging out on me…

  9. I little started today and I've done the 1st 3 individual missions and I actually find this helpful. I really hope that there is a mod video because that whole system is confusing the shit out of me right now

  10. @TeftyTeft Games – Wow thanks Tefty, been loving your work on Destiny since early D1 but really needed a space magic action alternative since D2 feels dumbed down so much and less solo player friendly. So it’s great to be introduced to Warframe by someone I know and trust, I’m one happy old gamer! 👌

  11. Heres my problem Tefty, I played this game for like 3 planets about 2 years ago. So I came back today and find out I cant delete my character to start over so I am not overwhelmed. But guess what I am fucking inundated with content, text and more content. I have no idea what to do, I think I am finishing up on Venus or Mars but beyond that I couldnt tell you what or where I am in the game . Why cant we start over ? sooooo annoying ,especially in a game like this . This guide is very good but for me it doesnt help returning players who have been gone for so long. I want to just say fuck it and give up but I want to play this game, I remember it was fun. is there any guides you can recommend for returning players or simply someone like me who is returning but simply and beyond lost ? Thanks !

  12. Dude make more videos of this please. I just got into warframe and this was the best/most explanatory guide i've seen yet.

    Thanks for the help!

  13. Just picked up playing this game and I'm 2 days in with ten hours played and the time locks are already becoming tedious and irritating, id rather have paid for the game in the first place than have to have micro transactions rammed down my throat every two seconds as justification for the game being free

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