Behind the Scenes: Let’s Play World of Warcraft – Episode 2

Behind the Scenes: Let's Play World of Warcraft - Episode 2

The Panda Posse rolls out in this Behind the Scenes of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Ep. 2.
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  1. It does not look fun at all 🙁 I pictured them to do it completely different! With lots of booze!

  2. Gavin is hilarious! He’s freaking adorable, I could just shove him in my pocket and run away! XP

  3. The WoW Priest: The most retard proof class ever right now. You could afk to take a shit and be the best in pvp.

  4. When Jack and Ryan talk to each other about the turtle it sounds like one of them is just talking to themselves…

  5. Gavin gets punched and crap and loses money on bets to michael but hes still funny as crap

  6. I can’t quite remember the name, they mentioned it in a podcast, Burnie said something about them being a sponsor. I think they may be Razor computers

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