BEST ELIXIR CAPTURE DECK TO EVER EXIST // Clash Royale new gamemode tips and tricks!


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The April update in Clash Royale brought us a ton of new content, including a few of these new gamemodes! Today, we’re trying out elixir capture. In theory, this has to be one of the more tactical gamemodes to be introduced, so I thought I’d make probably the best deck available for the challenge, and give some general tips and tricks for getting those max wins! In my opinion, the challenge is cool and all, but I’d love to see it have an actual competitive mode for the pro player in me that people can learn and adjust to! #clashroyale

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  1. I know it's difficult, but could you help me to make a giant deck with goblin gang miner and zap in it ! What are good support cards. I watched your giant tutorial…

  2. Superb Deck Bailey…i won using this deck with 2 losses…Thanks a ton…Keep up the great work.

  3. I played this deck a couple of times, played against fireball twice. Still on both tho, solid deck.

  4. I used miner poison 3.0, ez
    I never go for the elixir in the middle, I feel like the more you go for it, the more elixir you lose I just played it normally.

  5. All these game modes are fun in my opinion and they gotta permanent. I’d love to play these like in clan wars

  6. City got beat by totenham in the ucl
    City contending with liverpool for the league

    Who will win the ucl between totenham and liverpool?🤣🤣😂😂😂

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