Best Paid Paladins Cheat:Kinessa|Undetected 2020|


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=For a more in depth explanation and viewing of the cheat please visit this site=
Games we offer cheats for!
Paladins: Champions Of The Realm
Apex Legends
Realm Royale
Alright so, let’s get the most important thing out of the way first. Pricing. The first payment is (Bitcoin) IF you pass the verification process and then following it is monthly if you buy from me rather than the from the owner. (I am a reseller, not the developer but we are good friends). If you do not get verified you do not pay. The pricing is steep, I know. But you pay for what you get and what you get is the best cheat I have ever used. I can provide reviews/feedback of our cheat for you to take a look at. As well as videos of me using it or user submitted videos, I can also provide accounts for you to use if you don’t have any(to cheat on). Or if you just want a boost, I can do boosting for a price which can be negotiated.
First of all, no matter how undetectable a cheat is I never would advise you to cheat on your main. Hence I would be willing to provide accounts(for free). The cheat is very undetectable and I have not been banned after months of using the cheat(On every game we provide the cheat for). The only way of you getting banned would be a manual ban, not through detection. This means that someone spectates you, records evidence of you cheating and then sends it to the developers in which they ban you. The cheat will not get detected, it is updated in according to each game update to make sure you have the best security available. Now with this in mind, I recommend you using legit settings! I can provide these for you as well, just ask
How do I get bitcoin?
These are the sites I recommend using if you have a debit/credit card disposable to you.
* Coinbase –
* Coinmama –
* Bitpanda –
* Binance –
* LocalBitcoins –

[Options to get Crypto with Paypal/Other]
* Betarian –
* Localbitcoins –
* Etoro –
* Paxful – (Do not use for low amount)

[If you are not 18 / Can’t Verify ID Exchange on forums]
* MPGH –
* Bitcointalk –
* Ogusers -

If you have any questions or concerns or need help with this further, please contact me and I will happily help you.
How do I get verified?
The first process of verification is through an application called Team Viewer. During this process we just do a simple check of your computer to make sure you have no intentions of spying on the cheat and reporting info to other cheating websites or to reverse engineer the cheat. We do nothing more. The next method of verification is through the sites verification where we make sure you do not work for an anti-cheat or are a developer for any of the games we provide cheats for.
Can I have a free trial?
No, we do not give out trials no matter what. There are no exceptions. I will be happy to show you the cheat in a call etc, but we do not give out trials.


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