BEST PVP SETTINGS ?!?!??!?! – Ark Official PvP – Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay


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Intro: Rootkit-Wildfire
Outro: Lemonfight-stronger


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  1. Anti-Aliasing – This feature smoothes the edges of in-game objects and is a resource hogging. Post Processing – Affects graphic detail and rendering. However, if you set it to ”Low”, it can increase FPS a bit. … Sky Quality – Sky Quality is not that important for FPS and lowering it can net you small FPS improvements
    -From google 🙂

  2. how fucking hard is it to just show the final screenshot of the settings. dont describe the fucking game

  3. Why tf does Xbox have like NO settings?! That’s so disappointing Xbox is so garbage

  4. so, view distance might seem a bit tricky.. but basically it has nothing to do with seeing players… mostly only stones (it hides the trees that are really far away(like really(we can say Island, blue obi to the river thats south from blue obi far away))), now the stones on LOW can appear like really not even 10meters from you, which is really good for pvp(cos u can see them through stones)(but not trees)(trees are really good to hide chests with loot behind if u had an successful grief or so).. so basically what u want to do is play the game on LOW VIEW DISTANCE(for pvp purposes) 🙂

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