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  1. Get the old vendor extrasolar, if you don't have RoI, or get a tao hua yuan, starting aim assist around 10 (i think 11) have an ambush scope on em brings it to 0. I have both of these with nearly the same roll except my tao has higher stability (maxed) and my ES rr4 has higher range (maxed). Love them so much. Wall of text, ps do 28 PoE to get the year one AMR7 it has 25 aim assist 0 with ambush takes three body shots to kill so you MUST get the headshot, and it revive snipes with the patch (lol).

  2. Picked up a shortgaze quickdraw life support and swore i saw heard of it somewhere. Tried it out in control and could really hit slide snipes better…. Dont know if its the AA or what not but it's a beautie TV

  3. I got a neutrino lsm 31 aa with short gaze, mulligan and oiled frame. I wish it had ambush, less AA and I LOVE ambush. rather than one of those perks I would like snapshot. But lets be real.

  4. using blues is really good for training so that way you can snip Emin the toughest of situations using your better sniper because u trained with a blue

  5. Did the same with a different blue sniper (Scipio E) for a month. When I switched back to longbow I got a 14.0 KD.

  6. have a question. does practicing with no land beyond help with regular snipers or is the noland so differant that it doesn't help for regular snipers? I'm an average sniper but I've been having some good games with noland and side arm. wondering if the continued use of the noland will benifet my regular sniping.

  7. Hey man, do you know if this sniper still drops? Also, how do you feel about using the ambush scope on a 1000 yard stare as a comparable option? Thanks, TV.

  8. TV I was on the planet destiny aim assist database and I found out that the lowest ain assist sniper is the GOZEN-C with a value of -6 LIKE WTF. If you can answer it will be great. :)

  9. I train with Ice Breaker. The ammo regen lets me focus on sniping. But missing punishes me because of the kick. Yet the kick also helps me get use to moving my reticule if I miss. It helps when I equip my stillpiercer which has very little kick and better aim assist.

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