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  1. @preacherZer0 bitcoins are created in the bitcoin network – 50 coins every
    10 minutes or so – and are given out lottery-style to all those nodes
    participating in the network (the ‘miners’). Nodes contributing more
    computing power get more lottery tickets. Pretty soon however this mining
    lottery process will slow down and eventually it will stop completely.

  2. @JonathanSeagullUtube The elite WANT to shut Bitcoin down you raging
    idiots. It’s a decentralized private network that they are incapable of
    manipulating the way they can manipulate the paper dollar with centralized
    banking cartels. You’re essentially saying “omg privacy is dangerous
    something bad could happen!” This is the exact mindless fear mongering that
    leads to authoritarianism. People ALREADY fund crime through cash & other
    means. It’s like saying “We can’t have cars, someone could die!”

  3. @nlucctw2 continued: Who would go for that kind of investment unless ur
    daddy gave you some money n you don’t know how to use it in a smarter
    way,so you end up licking someone’s ass to give you advise on buying
    shitcoins that u can eat n enjoy coz it shows from ur level of thinking
    that u like that kind of taste

  4. @vito9000 You still have no intelligent material. I live in a country where
    I am free to do as I please and IF I so choose to market bitcoins I will
    (even though I am not telling people to buy them). Understand that and stop
    telling me what to do DUMBASS.

  5. @vito9000 So then tell me this…when bitcoins become a success and do not
    turn out to be anything you thought it to be then are you going to stop
    acting like a jack-wagon and admit you were wrong?

  6. @TheLordofsilver Bitcoins is a nice concept: it is far from being fair to
    all of us. There is the question of accountability and system abuse: “The
    value of the virtual currency BitCoins has crashed recently due to a piece
    of malware designed to allow thieves to steal users’ electronic loot.
    Security experts have urged caution in dealing with BitCoin, though this
    certainly isn’t the first time the value of the virtual currency has
    fluctuated greatly.”

  7. @JonathanSeagullUtube If you think that ‘anything can be hacked’ is an
    actual argument, see this:
    wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Brute_force_attack#Theoretical_limits That is the
    only known way to break the encryption that bitcoin uses (and can easily
    change at any time). Notice how many years it takes to break a 256 bit key
    using a processor that’s so fast it doesn’t exist. And this assumes that
    checking the result for validity doesn’t take time, and it does.

  8. @lostintheapplasauce yep, I agree with you on that one…So are you saying
    bitcoin is the new world order currency that we all need to lay down and
    take it up the ass and believe that bitcoin “minting” is not going to be
    abused and manipulated ? Are bitcoins worth the digital paper they are not
    printed on, or the invisible metal they are not minted in? btw, love your
    user name, punkette….burn another one down LOL, …

  9. @JonathanSeagullUtube “One merely needs to intercept the transaction prior
    to encryption in order to ‘hack’.” If you knew how bitcoins worked, you’d
    know how nonsensical that sentence is. In fact, bitcoin already broadcasts
    the details of every transaction between two addresses to all other bitcoin
    users! ‘Those who initiate the architecture of the bytes (software) can
    easily have ‘back door’ access:’ No. It’s open source. You can go read the
    code right now if you want.

  10. @JonathanSeagullUtube fuck off id rather have a bunch of high ass
    dope-heads than mass starvation with a sprinkling of rich bankers. eat it

  11. @NicosMind you are such a fucking idiot. it take electricity and power to
    make the bitcoins as with any other currency. also… you are NOT guranteed
    to produce bitcoins. like i said. the rate of inflation is fixed and
    randomly discovered by individuals within the system. you could just as
    easily ask… what does the government actually add to society by printing
    more money… like all currencies the printing of money devalues it. with
    bitcoin it is a fixed, known value, that nobody controls.

  12. Maybe bitcoins are the NWO money. Totally trackable. Nothing needs to be
    printed or minted. Your “wallet” can be sealed from you.

  13. @davidlee110 I guess sending an ounce of silver through the internet
    wouldn’t work right? Doesn’t seem like you’ve looked at all the angels and
    pros and cons.

  14. @judderwocky look im not defending fait here. Ive very obviously lumped
    fait and bitcoins into the one block because they are both worth nothing.
    However a gold or silver coin obviously does add to society as they can be
    used not only as a monetary unit but for electronics, medicine, solar
    energy, photography etc etc etc. You keep repeating bullshit like “money
    has no intrinsic value except as a monetary unit”, however im not talking
    about fait or bitcoins. What else can you use a bitcoin for?

  15. @BelgianLife so governments trade now, do they? Last i heard they had
    tariffs and duties specifically to prevent people and companies trading.
    Trading’s great, and even if it wasn’t it’d be unavoidable. Getting in the
    way of that trade, and the free action of individuals in general, using a
    local monopoly of legal violence: not so great. Resist it? Why yes, I think
    I will.

  16. @HeyItzMeDawg LOL I have an opinion: Until the pretend value is real (one
    bitcoin = 1/100,000,000th of an hour of human labour or 1/1,000,000th of an
    ounce of silver) shhhhh! Digital money is not worth the paper and bullion
    its not printed or minted on. It seems the value of a Bitcoin is completely
    subjective. It’s worth whatever you want it to be. If you have a concrete
    method of setting a stable ‘value’ (& maintain this value through time) &
    have bitcoin be widely exchanged, let me know

  17. you contribute processing power to the network you earn a portion of
    bitcoins, thats how they get created. The need to create more bitcoins is
    not necessary the reason its done is to provide an incentive for people so
    that it creates a network for bitcoin to operate on otherwise there would
    be no incentive and thus no network. therefore mining and the creation of
    bitcoin is purely a function aspect.

  18. @lostintheapplasauce If I live in an area where there is mass starvation
    and the cost of electricity and a computer is 10x what rich bankers pay to
    “mint” a bitcoin are you saying that is fair ? Fuck bitcoin, its just
    another venue for the ultra rich to hide their disgusting rape and pillage
    of our world…unless you can show me otherwise, this scenario is extremely

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