1. If I may make a recommendation you guys are doing a great job with your BTC
    trading but are missing out on a huge opportunity for Alt coins. I have
    been trading Quark for about 2 weeks now and with an investment of 5 BTC I
    have turned it into 50BTC.

    Remember buying BTC low and investing into an Alt you are making double
    profit. If your alt doubles, by the time you sell back for BTC you also
    make the gain on BTC. So you are double dipping profit.

    Just a suggestion. Also the Quark market will enter China on Dec 13th and
    Max Keiser will be talking about it on RT tv on December 19th. Great time
    to buy an Alt. I am expecting to have 100 BTC by the end of the month. Good

  2. Feel your pain with Coinbase. Somehow I have 20BTC in my account that
    shouldn’t be there. I know they run a shadow copy of the blockchain…I
    think they are stuck in one of their address. I can’t sell or transfer
    them out and they do not respond to any of my emails. Beyond frustrating.

  3. Glad I found you guys out here. I have a few coins but not ready to play
    the trading game. Just watching and learning. I’m in for the long haul so
    I’m either going to win with what I have or loose it all.

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