1. Wow this video title is so missleading dude. I thought the Draven was going
    to drop hacking Bjergs game or something like that. Didn’t expect a

  2. Hacks suck.. The guy playing in this video is just plain annoying though,
    he has all the game noises and friends on 20% volume and he is on 100%
    (REALLY fking loud). Can’t you edit your vids like a normal person on

  3. Am I the only one that thinks Draven is only a bot, but the one who is
    actually behind this is Janna? I mean Janna is just using other accounts
    which is “scripted” to help himself boosting elo while free worrying his
    own account get banned? There are some suspicious points here:
    1) Draven is still in the chat lobby after the game is finished.
    2) He never talk.
    3) Janna is the perfect “duo” for the bot. Having a speed boost makes
    scripting much more efficient and powerful. All he has to do is to stick
    with Draven the whole game. It may just be coincident or consensus in champ
    picking, but you gotta agree this idea is genius tho.
    4) As mentioned above, his main account won’t get affected even the bot is

    But yea, just some of my thought but it makes perfect sense if you think
    about it.

  4. I love how much they bitch rofl.. it’s not hard to catch every axe,
    especially at that elo.
    Can’t believe how much they complain when it’s clear he’s just a damn good

  5. They are promoting scripts lol wtf.
    They mentioned one of the best scripts our there such as
    Orbwalk and Evade (dodge script)
    Lol Wtf Bjergesen /all plz rpeort bjerg hacker noob gg

  6. here is a pro af kalista trick that isnt hacking or cheating, what u do is
    u bind attack move to a key
    say ur getting chased by OP trynd in the jungle just spam the key u have
    attack move on, he wont cahtch u

  7. I don’t really like this Matt guy… He seems like the ignorant guy in the
    movies who doesnt believe the stories that the protagonists tell until shit
    goes down for the worse. He also says that Draven isnt scripting and that
    thresh is just bad until Bjergsen says “oh yeah, that looks like some
    scripting” and then hes suddenly all like “Yeah, wow, look at that dodge.”

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