Black Ops 3 Beta: HACK ALL STREAKS! Black Hat + Engineer is OP! (Nerfed, yay!)

Filename: callofdutyblackops3hacktool.exe

FileSize: 30 MB

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Black Ops 3 Beta: HACK ALL STREAKS! Black Hat + Engineer is OP! (Nerfed, yay!)was extracted from


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  1. I think the Black Hat needs some tweaks. It hacks UAVs and CUAVs stupid fast, but is literally useless against everything else. I understand it should be difficult to hack a Wraith or R.A.P.S. Okay, fine. But sentries and guardians? You'll never hack one of these in your life. Your first obstacle is actually getting in position to start hacking. Now you have to sit and pray that no enemy will notice you for the next 30 seconds while you chip away at the firewall. Oh, and lets not forget about YOUR team, who will no doubt be working on destroying it themselves before you can finish. Then when that's done, you have to hold your breath for yet another 30 seconds to actually hack it. If you've managed to make it this far without dying, congratulations! You get to enjoy a comprimised turret for about ten seconds before it self-detonates from being on the field for too long.

  2. Great. The reticle that allows you to hack faster is tiny as well as the speed of which you can hack it is ridiculously slow, making the ability to both hack and use a more powerful scorestreak untenable.
    I mean, it would've been ok to flat out deny hackability of some scorestreaks instead of nerfing this tactic into the ground. It's basically only kinda good for enemy equipment. By the time you ever hack a UAV, it's already halfway completed even at full speed. Anything higher than that isn't worth attempting because two even at full speed is too slow to ensure survival or usability. But whatever. It just proves that gamers don't want innovation or actual balance. Maybe that's why CoD has always been the same formula for years with no change.

  3. I'm still pissed off that they seem to keep needing the shit, you can't even do shit through walls it's the worst black hat ever

  4. black hat is uber weak now. They nerfed it through the ground and punished engineer hackers. was way more fair and effective in bo2 since you didn't take it you simply destroyed them and i think engineers were immune or hard wireds

  5. That's not fair some people do so good and then some shity players use that and take ur streak fuck all of you faggot if u use it

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