1. I think in team fortress one of the reasons that you don’t see many hackers is because there is no leveling up or prestige system like ther is in call of duty or diablo. So if you were to hack tf2 what is there to gain?? A lot of kills ?? In tf2 there is no goal for checkers an if u really wanted to level up ur strange weps than u could just go to an idle server and blow the shit out of the idlers 🙁

  2. If youve played a game called Shadowrun, it has the same thing. Its called Enhanced vision, let you see where people were at for a short period of time. Would call it hacking, just more complex gameplay.

  3. I said wins almost all the time. And heavy’s can’t really “get the drop on” people due to the fact that they are slow in movement and weapons, and are very loud.
    I mean, as a scout if I sneak up on a heavy 9/10 times, even if he’s spun up, he will not be able to kill me because I already have a game plan about how I’m going to handle the situation while he’s completely taken by surprise.

    I’m not really defending blacklight, but just saying that in the majority of FPSes getting the drop=victory

  4. i can beat people who get the drop on me in tf2 tf2 is balanced i take heavys out with a cuntsman this game is fun but really isnt balanced its almsot pay2win ALMOST and with HRV whoever gets the drop wins i dont like that because i want time to fight back i think if you want a nice FPS buy it F2P has alot of problems and hard to find one that isnt unfair. the only F2P FPS i like is battlefield Play4Free And people constantly complain its pay2in i cant figure out how

  5. lel whoever gets the drop in tf2 wins almost all the time, too, but it is a skill-based famous competitive fps anyway

    what’s your point.

    (tf2 is also based on gear.. I mean, think about it. Minigun > SMG)

  6. it works here – Easy Download >> bit.ly/13kxV7b?=JcEWUNNITGE
    Latest Updated 2013 for linnk…( Scanned with kaspersky – No viruse )

  7. Yeah I had one of those bastards ruin my game with one of them. Stupid super secret butthead hackers -.- out there to ruin our fun.

  8. i see HRV as a stupid addition played this game and it just sucks it just relies on gear and luck whoever gets the drop wins the fight 10/10 times

  9. hi i just want to say some hacker are hacker because other cheater use it on him.
    me in MW3 in teknogods there are many hacker but me for spead the infection i use an aimbot but only when there are cheater so i think some hacker hack because there are fed up
    sorry for bad language i’m french LOL

  10. Unfortunately it’s not the blatant 60-0 kill-death hacker that’s the problem, it’s the guy with oversize kill box or no recoil or selective n random aim bot….who try to blend n persistently reject the assumption that they hack n call the lag it a qq’er…..I hate this more than the evident one. I love combat arms but I believe it’s at least 15% bs kill box hacks!

  11. I hate asian fps they always thank guns should only be for 24hours. a.v.a did it right repair over time!

  12. Hacker in Blacklight are increasing, which is a shame. The game is pretty good and has one of the fairest f2p models out there. Oh, btw: A “perm” wallhack would make sense since your in-game wallhack is time limited and you cannot attack while using it. Oh, and if you still have questions about the game, id be happy to help. Im playing it since open beta. 🙂

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