1. Too much surveys for useless non-working crap made by a braindamged fucktards. Go eat some hallucinogenic shrooms to get better. Oh, and while you are healed with those shrooms, go watch some epilepsy shows. Ye. Thnx for wasting our time xD

  2. only ppl who got no skill start to cheat 😀 thats very sad. think u are a lonely guy with no friends!

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  4. Os jogos online estão perdendo a graça devido a estes incompetentes perdedores que só ganham trapaceando!!

  5. Wth..why are all hacks with surveys….wtf look at mw3 or mw2 hacks..they arent with those shitty surveys >.<

  6. You admittedly suck so you admittedly hack, gratz for being a pathetic piece of shit in your own eyes, thats the first step

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