1. Nice joke if any click in that link the win GP (WE NO) do u know how much is 200000 ZEN in dollars? 

  2. Yeah youtube now apparently removes all links from youtube, so It’s totally fucked up. They’re totally ruining Youtube.

  3. Do i need to activate GP boost? what happens if i dont activate it or redeem it in my account?

  4. damn may you pm me these links?
    this stupid youtube shit only opens the link as it is shown.

  5. It’s on all servers. Into Youtube search bar enter “blacklight onslaught” and there you see lots of videos about it.

  6. 1) Yes, It works with steam too..
    2) Yeah, the Onslaught Co-Op mode is already out 3 months…

  7. So… i have to make new account by that link and have to make lvl 10 in 4hours to get zen and gp right??

  8. I am in lvl 6 currently. When I reach lvl 10 is the hack automatically activated and do I instantly get Gp and Zen? Or how long is the approx wait time for getting it added to your account? Plz reply Thanks!

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