1. Exactly, i found someone called Emmanuele2111 and he was certianly a hacker, i was HRV invisible and i was invisible and he snapped at me and got an instant headshot -.- And he also did a full 360 degree turn and headshots me. Then later he fesses up and admits that he was hacking, he even told us what he was using “AimjunkiesHack”

  2. At the first kill on you i thought you were wrong but after a few kills he was beginning to look like a hacker. He’s a noob.

  3. i wish game developers would have an aproval so that when the game installs a “virus” installs as well, and when this fuckheads hackers use cheats and shit, that virus goes online, and fucking formats his PC, lets see how much fun would the cheats be than. So lame man, so lame, the world is full of these retarded kids that can’t play properly, they whine & bitch and they are just pathetic, waste of life and space, it really is. World would not miss them, i hate hackers and report them everytime.

  4. Its like with drugs – Once you hack you can’t go back! They hardwire this hacking playstyle into their brain and are then forced to use it if they dont wanna be farmed all day long.

  5. I caught a level 1 BLR hacker on EU, submitted ticket and video evidence, mind you this was a while ago so he might have been banned a while back :p

  6. lol I and many other BL:R players practice something called “Hip-Shot-Magic” first made popular by one “Elvis Presley”. 😉

  7. I just catched an guy hacking his own score, I’m uploading it right now /watch?v=tiGpuzLLDAs&feature=youtu.be

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