Blizzard Suing Overwatch Cheaters Hackers Makers

Filename: overwatchcheat&hack-aimbotesp-blizzard.exe

FileSize: 25 MB

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Blizzard Suing Overwatch Cheaters Hackers Makerswas extracted from


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  1. cheeky china thinks they can hide behind there name and walls cheat the world cowards earn your own skills and idears

  2. Deathcap makes it hard to relaly understand if someone is cheating or not, but I did report several players, I have let them know as well. if they where not cheating they had nothing to fear.

  3. I mean imo all gaming developers shouldn't ever making any games for pc.. it'll gets worse about it when it comes on cheater

  4. I am thinking of getting this game. But what are the chances that the cheat detector would think bad lag is cheating? Sadly my Internet is not the most reliable.

  5. Its nice whenever something like this is 100% justified. I mean, hacking has become the norm. About time someone held such people accountable for what they've done.

  6. I meat a cheater on competitive yesterday. -_- My 2 mates and Iwere losing pretty badly but we came back! It was so satisfying.

  7. Ye I saw a cheater using a hack on pharaoh that had permanent widow maker ult even though their was no widow or Hanzo in the game

  8. I've played a lot of games in my life. I'm okay with modded/hacked private lobbies because it doesn't hurt the online experience and you're just hanging out with friends. If you hack online competitively and say you're so good, you should probably KYS.

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