Bongacams Hack – Bongacams Tokens Hack 2016


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  1. According to someone who is a lot more knowledgable than myself in online economics of the 21st Centrury….
    He explained this to me in laymans terms (he is a member of bongacams).

    In order to make a token hack you would essentially have to
    1. Know the particular range of codes that bonga uses with respect to the recognized currency relevant to the set values to token ratio 2. Know which code is expired and which are premature to single out the code proper for the applicapble date and time 3. and then figure out a way to bypass the interface in order to present this data to their computer so that the result is you obtain tokens

    He went on to say that bongacams would use a range of codes, possibly in the 1000's which would randomly change sequence daily and each code within the set would expire every 15 minutes or every minute. It would be like trying to open a locker using a combination lock that has underneathe 1,000 turn dials rather than the standard 4. Not only that, but the combination changes every 15 minutes or every minute. Most students would never make it to class if they used this locker, (unless of course they had a key and this combination lock had an option for a key [which it does]).

    And oh yeah, finding a way to bypass their interface would be like trying to reach above mentioned 1,000 combination and the lock is located on Skull Island, inside of a dungeon, guarded by Smog the Dragon from the Hobbit, and then once you defeat Smog, 1,000,000 Terminator Series 800 Model 101 arrive armed with Uzi 9mm, Bennelli Autoloader 12 gauge shotguns, SCAR Platform .308 Automatics with 50 round magazines, .45 Colt Longslide with Lazer Sighting, and Phase Plasma Rifle in the 40 Watt Range (Hey, Just what'ya' see pal.)

  2. Never ever make any deal with bongacams!!! This site is totally unprotected for non russian members!! This is not funny. They are cheating and support ban you if u telling them true

  3. Bullshit only the song is better! At least say the name of the song. that would make us happy. what's the name of the song at the start ??

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