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Join me in checking out all of the awesome mods on the Slay the Spire workshop! There’s so many great characters and quality of life changes out there so let’s look at them all!

Today’s mod :

Jungle Mod:

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  1. You need to look at the Boss when starting the floor and pick the cards accordingly. It's really reckless picking a lot of powers whrn you are going to fight the awakened one

  2. @ 1:15 I really like Flying Knee … it sets up the next turn's Finisher. ☕ || @ 18:05 Hand of Greed is one of my favorite cards … you skipped it. 🤦‍♂️
    @ 23:35 Nightmare + Footwork + Warped Tongs = invincible defense. 🦸‍♂️ || @ 30:07 I don't know about that, upgraded Piercing Wail looked good. 😱
    You played that whole run as though you didn't have the Warped Tongs … you keep your block, minus 15, between turns … crack up your defense. 🔧

  3. Little information about the frogs: They eat the cards one turn after they took them, which means they need to be immediately attacked or else the card will be exhausted.

  4. You should make a series with just replay the spire mod. Like eventually combine slay the ascention and replay the spire

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