Breakin' Feds – Payday 2 Death Sentence Stealth Gameplay


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The newest heist offered by Locke, introduced in the Spring Break Event, involves the Payday gang breaking in the FBI office in which Commissioner Garrett works. The heist’s objective is to steal a box, similar to the one we stole for The Dentist.

Firstly, you have to get past a security barrier by hacking a laptop. After that, the map opens and the new objective is to find Garrett’s office. When you eventually find it, you’ll have to lure him out and then disable 3 security boxes. Keep in mind that these security boxes must be close to his office to actually interact with them. Otherwise, they’re placed there just to confuse you. After you disabled the security boxes, you have to get in Garrett’s office, and once you’re in there, you’ll have to find his safe. Once you find it, you’ll have to open it with a code.

From what I know, to save you time, these are the codes which match Locke’s hints:
-if it’s a date or linked to his wife, it’s 1212
-if it’s something about his “crusade” against the Payday Gang, it’s 2015
-if it’s related to history or America, it’s 1776
-if it’s “something obvious”, it’s 1234

After you manage to get the box, you’ll be prompted to escape. There are 2 escape options for you:
-the silent one, which involves the player in making their way back to the room they entered from, and zipline the bag onto a roof (if you get this escape, you can grab other loot if you’re alone or with 4 players)
-the loud one, which forces you to get to an elevator and descend to the basement( where the Archives from Hoxton Breakout are) where Twitch’ll blow a hole in the wall, making the heist go loud (this escape’s location is the same on as in Hoxton Breakout)

The mod I used in the video is WolfHUD. Here’s the link :

I’m sorry I messed up at the beginning, but I just wanted to sort of “speedrun” this heist 😛


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