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  1. Trail of Power is one of the best shrines in the game, imo, more linear than I like for full on Zelda dungeons, but for the mini-dungeons that these shrines are an expansion of? Far more in depth than anything I recall from prior Zelda titles. Most of them that aren't just a quick combat trial are, actually (With some of the Shrine Quests being a direct replacement of the old Piece of Heart minigames), but that one in particular is just epic in scope compared to most that come after (Which isn't a complaint about most, the occasional one of that size, combined with the size of most, is just fine, imo)

    There might be some fixing of combat shrine difficulty to order you find them (the first I found was a minor also) but I found a major long before any modest, and I think this one – that I got to after beating a major while trying to get to a memory recovery point – was a minor for me, so if there is it's not a strict progression.

  2. Hi Laura! Love your content and love listening to you on podquisition, but I gotta ask about the Switch. Have you experienced any of the critical malfunctions while using the Switch? I've been looking around while trying to decide if it's worth buying a system around mid-June or just wait until November when more games are released for it. I've seen a lot of videos on youtube detailing these critical malfunctions and was wondering what your opinion on them was.

  3. Yeah, thanks for the episodes, but I think I'll be skipping it from now on. I lack the… whatever it is that seems to have come over reviewers about this game. Just feels dull and uninteresting. Probably would've rated a solid 7 if it didn't have the "Z" word plastered over it.

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