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  1. OMG why haven't i seen this til now? XD
    Yeah, this is Namine. (abby-angie) For future reference I would like my nickname to be Abby Dream 13 (or just Abby Dream). Abby-Angie is my deviantART user name and I haven't used that in years. XD
    This was REALLY well made! I had fun watching it, the effects were well-used and the song is super-catchy! ^_^

  2. @skyskyukechan
    Xion: OKay~ ill keep that in mind, i was recommending of using real pics, but i wanna make amv for fanime and AX. and so does mah sis so we have to pack it in. 😀

  3. Oh hey! I really like this one! It was really well put together! 😀 It did seem a bit long-winded in some of the middle parts, but otherwise, it wasn't so bad. Maybe you could use the extra time to introduce the other characters we cosplay. Also, while the song isn't quite my cup of tea, it still fits us as a group. At least more than the other songs we used. xD

  4. Great video, but i would have liked to seen a Group shot of the Cosplay Group. but really good vid 🙂

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