candy crush saga mod (hack) android no root


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Rating: 4

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candy crush saga mod (hack) android no rootwas extracted from


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  1. firstly uninstall candy crush saga and facebook on your phone… then
    download this link … after install plss connect to facebook ..he will ask
    username and password for facebook then play the gane

  2. What link like ur just going to it write the link were we go for it and
    next step buddy

  3. This is epicccc, i like it, now i can beat my friends, thank u :)!!
    How can i connect it with facebook?
    Help please ..

  4. Huhuhu ..good app ..rate 100 star i can defeat my friend ..thanx
    ..100% working on my samsung s3 mini

  5. Can you connect with fb to continue playing the level you were already on
    or do you have to start over from the first level

  6. Continued…. Playing normally for a minute or so but your not explaining
    exactly what your doing and if you are we can’t hear you over the sound of
    your phone..but it look like what you are doing is working if there not
    stages you already completed …please give better details on what to

  7. Well it look like u pressed the Google chrome icon first then the candy
    crush icon waited for it to load and then went to some stage which we can’t
    see ounce the stage opened u touched something on your phone screen but we
    can’t tell exactly wut and your sound from your phone is louder than you
    are so its hard to hear and you video your phone side ways and that makes
    it hard to see as well ounce you finished that stage you went to another
    one which we can’t tell what it was and then you started

  8. I tried to download, but when i put the link in the browser, nothing
    appears its empty!!
    Please help me

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