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  1. Kazu. They added a new package to the BDO landing page for BUDGET players. it cost 200 acoin instead of 400 for cheapest.

    It comes without the pet (The blessing, dye box and bleach is just a distraction, doesn't matter much). IMO the pet is very worth and only if you're really really budget you should go for the 200 acoin. just my opinion on the new package.

    Also, you are correct on that 1000 vs 2000. BDO NA has 2 value pack in the 2000 package. The other differences like blessing, silver life costume coupon, horse flute (arguable if it is worth, could be worth if ur lazy) and costume are really negligible and makes paying twice the money really pointless. The game really doesn't get easier if u buy the 2000 package vs the 1000 one. So the 1000 one is most "worth" now

  2. Hey Kazu Iam your fan becasue you in 70cap in best player in dn sea btw give your dn sea live stream link……reply plz

  3. Kazu, is there any chance you're gonna give dragon nest sea another shot ? lots of changes have been made, project save dragon nest have finally being effective now (not all but most of it) It doesn't hurt to give it a another try right? pretty sure there's lots of your fans are hoping that you could return DN sea. looking forward for your reply:)

  4. I got two four stars and an off banner 5 star from my first 500 pull so I would recommend that keep summoning on step up and im sure you'll get something.

  5. F*ck Logi!! Dias is 100 times better!! Oh and Kazu if you need a friend assist, you can ask me in case.

  6. Been playing BDO EU since the release.
    It's a huge commitment and also gated behind RNG and especially content wise it's rather weak. So as a Dragon Nest play you will definitely miss the Raids, cause Worldbosses are just dumb big mobs with no real mechanics and no turn rate (speak 180instant oneshot skills etc)

  7. BDO is a huge commitment Nathan, I play it and still do. Its a game that you either love or hate. Not gonna say more about it other than prepare for an extreme grind xd GL BRAH


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