1. For me it was been always suspiciously when i see that someone tips a girl
    with 200 tokens 1000 tokens i knews that something isn’t right! So this is
    how, they all had this free tokens!!! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. I was always hoping to find a way to get free tokens since i know for
    chaturbate and finaly i found this! thank you so muchhhhhh

  3. If i am dreaming pelase don’t wake me up because i have faking 2000 tokens
    on my acount!!!!! tnx dude

  4. I watched video and i coudn’t believed! I started program and add tokens to
    my acoutn and still i coundn’t believe. Now i have on my accounts 1500
    tokens and i still canno’t believe 😀 T H A N K S S S S

  5. This is the best day in my life!!! Watching porn is nothing compare to
    this? 🙂 I don’t have words to thank you for this!

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