Chaturbate Tutorial on the Ohmibod and Lovense Apps


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  1. Hi there. Would you happen to know, How many accounts can a person can have on, Chatubate? Thanks.

  2. These ridiculous toys have ruined a once great website. Now all the girls on Chaturbate do nothing but lay on their backs for hours with these stupid looking toys in their vaginas. Most do the most fake orgasms when receiving tips, and most will never take out or stop using these toys for any amount of time. Gone are the days when the models put on a show to make guys want to tip.

  3. hi 😊 please help me how can I get to work my ohmibod nex 2. I connected it to Bluetooth and in the application it didn't connected! I m a webcam girl and I want to know how can I still use it with out the application or the Bluetooth. thanks

  4. Now this is funny..i just met you for the first time yesterday…I was sure 'in my own mind' that you were from Berkeley ..after a few good accents and a little teasing you set me straight..great girl and i believe if anybody would know about these Chaturbate features it'd be this lady because she was knowledgeable on many subjects as we spoke…great seeing you again and look forward to hanging out with you again

  5. I got the Better Than Chocolate that comes with nothing will it still work on Chaturbate without a receiver if ijust activate the app?

  6. This was extremely helpful. I have the Club Vibe 2.0 and the Freestyle G from Ohmibod. They are both excellent, but I've become curious about Lovense's Nora, so thank you for your feedback!

  7. i have the ohmibod bluemotion nex 1 and want to use it on chaturbate. i understand how it works on chaturbate but don't how i can get my ohmibod to react on the sound … any idea?  it's works with the ohmibod app on my Phone but not freestyle on the tipping sound..

  8. I hacked the ohmibod over a year ago with an arduino transmitter to make it actually controllable with chaturbate. The sound activation doesn't really work.

  9. please help me anyone!!! I just bouht OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH !! How can i set it to different sounds of tip on chaturbate ??

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