Cheat Engine 6.3 Finding an Unknown or Hidden Value


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  1. in far cry primal
    I hacked the amout of arrows. I saved my game en did start it later again. Now he says thet i don't have arrows so i can't take my bow. But my quiver thinks i have arrows so i can't craft them. I know what amout arrows he thinks i have . But when i try to search them i get a lot. Can't change them al because than my game closes.
    I hope some one can help me don't want to start over xd

  2. Thats interesting. It doesn't work for me no matter which way i try. Your first way with the exact value, and the second way with adding the two 00's.

  3. Money Register: X*100, e.g. if you have 19 then search for values between 1900-2000, once you find it you can easily change (Do not exceed 1,000,000 or game crashes)
    Culture & Faith Register: X, e.g. if you have 5 then search for values between 5-6 once you find it you can easily change (Always leave two policies as some buildings will give free policies and then if you exceed the game will crash)

    Science Register: Still checking, will update, several ways to find, still cant understand how it is done, sometime it is X*10

  4. I'm trying to increase my uranium supply since I only have 2 left. Are resource values multiplied by 100? I also assume I'll use the total value (I have 12 total, 10 used).

  5. hola chico podrías hacer un vídeo igual en español porfa para los que nos queda grande el ingles

  6. It's easier than this video shows. All you have to do if you want to add gold, is to type in the value of the gold you currently posses and add 00 at the end. Then hit next turn or buy something to change the value in-game. Then correct the value in cheat engine to match your current in-game gold value and search next. Keep doing it until you are left with just one result. Don't forget to add 00 at the end of value each time you search. If you are loading the game and you are far in the game, make sure to change search type from exact value to value in between. After you change it, type in the gold value from your game and add 00 in the end. In the second one type in the same value but with 99 at the end and hit search. There you go.

  7. This is a good tutorial on how to find unknown values for games by yourself.  However, if you are just looking to cheat in Civ V the easy way, just do a 4bytes (regular) scan for your amount of money with 2 "0"s behind it.  Ex:  You have 45 gold, search for "4500", gain more money by pressing next turn and search again.  Repeat until you have your value.

  8. What about more abstract values?
    Out of curiosity I'm trying to find out what the computer opponents have in their hands when playing "Governor of Poker" (first version), but I have no idea what to search for. I didn't have any luck looking for a number in my own hand. I tried to search for anything that changes and when I see that card again to search for unchanged value, but no luck.
    Do you have any ideas as to how I could look for these?

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