Cheat Engine 6.4 Tutorial Part 1: Introduction to Scan Types


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  2. so here is probably the most tricky problem you will find, me and another and a really good game hacker, whos name I won't mention just incase he doesn't want me to have run into a problem on Scarface The World Is Yours, we have found the Reputation and Balls values in game but when we edit Balls, it gives us rep as well is there anyway to stop this happening, so as to separate these two effecting eachother?

    its a shame this game wasn't better explored in my opinion, because there are loads of opportunities in it.

    but thanks in advance. :)

  3. So I have a question, I am attempting to run CE on Linux, (an Ubuntu fork), & am using Wine Windows Program Loader. The problem I am running into is that when I attempt to select a process to open, I get the "Access Violation" error & the process I want to run, (in this case Borderlands 2), is not listed, making the script I want to run non executable. How do I work around this?

  4. heres a problem.. if the game is too big to be cheated. might crash the cheat engine.. what should i do

  5. This is a great video but is there anyone else other than me who was seriously jamming out to the Mega Man soundtrack in the background? Not sure if that was intention but it sure as hell was FUCKING AWESOME! :D

  6. Don't forget that you can just press CTRL + A to copy all of them down if you're not sure which one represents value.

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