Cheater Re-Buys Overwatch Three Times And Is Banned Every Single Time

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  1. If you cheat in an online game you should get perma banned on first offense. No buying the game again, no excuses.
    You cheat you get banned for life, that´s how it should work in every online game.
    A temporary bann only punishes legit players by letting the cheaters cheat again.
    And no bullshit like "they bought a game they can´t use now and should get a refund". That´s why it´s a punishment.
    Your tears of unfathomable sadness are delicious

  2. i have my own cheat policy

    offline games i allow myself a cheat each month, i can save them

    online i will never cheat unless i play on a server dedicated to cheat shenanigans

    as for exploits, that's a touchy one, exploits involving cosmetics are fine as long as the cosmetics can be earned with in game curency earned in the game, if the cosmetics are normaly paid only, then the cosmetics should be removed from the account, but no bans or anything should be done

    exploits to gain lvl's or ingame currency, well, i'd personally not touch the 1st or even 2nd time this happend but from the 3rd time i'd modify the account to actually gain less XP and gold, but not so much that it'd actually doom the player, just lets say a 5% lower gain to make up for the stuff they got for free, again, only if they excessively abused said exploit

  3. If you don't agree with the terms of use of a game then don't buy it. Blizzard has every right to permanently ban anyone that breaches the legal contract you agreed to. It just shows that people don't read the Terms of use they are accepting. As the blizzard terms state: Note that Blizzard owns all Accounts, and that all use of an Account
    shall inure to Blizzard’s benefit.
    Basically your account does not belong to you it belongs to Blizzard (and always will), for the benefit of their company, you just get to use it.

    Read the terms of use before you bitch about getting caught cheating. You don't own Blizzard games, you pay for a license to use them, which they can take away at any time they wish.

  4. I'm starting to think that the ridiculous amount of money that cheaters have for third party software and repurchasing the same game over and over is inversely proportional to their intelligence…

  5. More people played in the beta than are right now, that means Overwatch has sold 7 million copies, it doesn't include the beta players, just wanted to sort of clarify it to you in case you didn't know, Proto.

  6. I disagree. If he re bought the game and played without cheating he should be fine. If he was to cheat again, then you could perma-ban.

  7. I'll admit, a few years ago, I bought gold for World of Warcraft because i was tired of my gold lasting less then 30 mins gearing up. I used a different C.Card, Email, the game was not open, and the launcher was closed. It worked perfectly until………………about 3 months later i get an email from Battle.Net stating that my account has been in direct contact with know gold farmers/sellers and BAN

  8. Using glitches or exploits is practically the same thing as cheating, so in any case a ban is deserved. Though I don't necessarily agree with the instant lifetime ban, a lot of people cheat when they're young and stupid and then grow out of that crap, so I'd prefer a 5-7 year ban for first time offenders, and only a lifetime ban if they cheat again after that.

  9. geez blizzard sure they cheated/hacked but you don't ban them forever that just plain rude especially for the one guy who cheated then downloaded the game twice just to play it then in less than a week he got banned

  10. I think that really cheaters shouldn't even try. Blizzard is doing a great job, but they should add a way to report a glitch. So if they ban you, you could report, that it was a glitch and they would check the footage and try to fix it, and unban you.

  11. I do wish more game companies would be this strict about Cheaters. Can't tell ya how bad my Online experience has been on certain games cause a particular person doesn't want to actually get good and ruins everyone else's time.

    Through Perma Ban is a bit too extreme I'll admit, maybe at least ban someone for a month or something, but if they try it again, THEN you Perma ban them.

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