Cheaters in Overwatch Got Banned – Rage Mode

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  1. Agree with what is said in video, really love Blizzard. I don't see they point of cheating anyway as I play to have fun and see myself progress. Sitting there not really doing anything yourself is pretty boring.

  2. she does not understand,people were banned because they were switching heros during lucio ball, this was a glitch in the game, not even a hack

  3. Well said! A little triggered (see what i did there?) but agreed. What's the point in playing a game where you don't do anything? Bots literally make it so you aren't playing the game anymore, so why bother? You getting paid for it, or maybe you like jerking it while reading angry comments in the chat? Who fucking knows, but put your little pecker away and go waste your money for another copy of the game, so they can ban you again. Gotta love user agreements. Shit, I remember reading the long ass LUA for the SW:Battlefront Beta, the freaking BETA for christ's sake, and scrolling through paragraphs of "don't cheat or we'll bone you"

  4. lol it's like people who enter a stock-car race with a modded ride getting mad when their wins are cancelled out because they feel entitled to the wins they got because of the time and money they put into unfair advantages. Missing the point entirely.

  5. I don't cheat but I don't like snitches lame asl. You sound like you smell like sardines omm you ugly. You gotta boyfriend that smell like tilapia. The lamers lame ass hoe snitching and shit why you make this video you lame!!! Yo momma need to whoop yo ass fr! I know she told you about voicing you opinion and snitching. Omm i'm gone tho over lame ass.

  6. I love the way it sounds when she says "You're either cheating, or you're NAT" The way she says not was awesome.

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  8. Can I just say you cometary on this gave me life. Not only was I pleased at how thoroughly you reamed this bullshit but honestly by far the best rage video on cheating in general I have seen yet.

  9. well said, actually with the money you pay you just buy the license to use blizzard games, not the games itselfs

  10. Thanks for the video, it feels good to see vids like this out and about….now if they can do something about account hackers.

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