Cheaters in Paladins [ Script Kiddies, Aimbot, Wallbot, Hackers ]


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Cheaters in Paladins [ Script Kiddies, Aimbot, Wallbot, Hackers ]was extracted from


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  1. How weak do you have to be to need or want a cheat in a F2P game that's not even out of BETA. That's like cheating in Lego Batman because it's to hard for you…

  2. Yea, I accidentally stopped EAC (clicked the wrong one, cause taskmanager is fucking fast in changing the list), and it instantly opened a window which says: You have been kicked out of the game (im german, that's a translation of mine ^^).
    I already contacted the support, but I think they are in vacation or something.
    What should I do? I have to play on a new account, with low level… Not that bad, cause its also fun (and I can not do anything that could be silly like bad characters or so, cause I know em). But my Account was (for you surely not much, for me it is) lvl 14 or so

    BTW, good video

  3. put them on hacker's list instead of banning.. the people on hacker's list will match up only against bots… that would be epic

  4. No offence , u can't call anyone sloppy when u get more deaths than kills and assists and u play Ying like.. well.. that^^

  5. yes finally all blamed me when i played as skye or maeve i mean like buck was 10 km away shooting with a shotgun and killing me like he is not range he is close one and like he shoots 2km away from me and hits me

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