Cheaters/Hackers/Exploiters Being Banned in Trials of Osiris


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  1. i would like to believe that bungie are doing the bans as you say, but damn the trials this weekend was invested beyond believe, we didn't have 1 match without someone barring red or lag switching or unable to kill them, now i refuse to play this anymore, trials is 100% frigging broken, i reckon bungie bans a few people if they have to just keep the other players quiet, but in general i think bungie doesn't give a crap.

  2. Lol my friend on PSN got banned because we were facing a group of laggy ass people and we beat em after we came back from 4-1, when we won my friend tbagged the guy and got banned because of a tbag

  3. I thinq Bungie need to ban more for less, they are able to detect any alteration in the normal gameplay, if you use any kind of mod, controler mod, hack mod, cheat, lag switch, any kind at all you desserve be banned, just because if you don´t enjoy a fair competition you are a loser on caracter.

  4. i got banned from being in the same game with a friend who just got a net dooma he didn't know how to set it. it was kicking people but at the same time he was getting kicked too so there would be some games we had 3 vs 2 us with 3 or 2 vs 3 them with 3. So finally he looked up how to set the net dooma so no one would get kicked including himself. when he got it fixed and set the next week after all this had happened i got banned for something i don't even own. And if this un friend of mine was cheating from i had no idea because he said that net dooma kicks lag switchers. So how was i suppose to know he was cheating. And how is any of this my fault. Why do i get banned for some one else's crap. and the biggest messed up thing of all is you can't even dispute it. you can't even defend your own self. Bungie doesn't even warn you they just restrict you or ban you.

  5. I didn't know you could do that, but I always use the switching character glitch just to cancel going somewhere or starting an activity, like if I need todo something else I forgot about. I don't think you'll get banned for that if it's not trials.

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