Cheating Privilege in Video Games is UNBELIEVABLE | Overwatch MASS AIMBOT BAN

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Cheating Privilege in Video Games is UNBELIEVABLE | Overwatch MASS AIMBOT BANwas extracted from


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  1. oh well most of them DDOSing don't know shit about it and don;t understand it is considered Cyber Terrorism. So once they get busted and go to federal prison. So those people DDOSing can just keep doing it because the more often its used the easier it is to track so soon some of them will be sleeping next to bubba.

  2. I've cheated before on tf2 from a random account I made to see what it was like to be a lmaobox using cunt, and it was boring as all hell,I've only met nice cheater on a random crit server, but the rest are just idiot kids that use binds like "sorry my finger slipped ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" when they get a headshot with aimbot.

  3. "ohhhh yees they will feel my waf muhaha" when in reality Blizzard is a 20 story building and they are a single ant

  4. The only way they would be in the right is if they got banned for modding their single player (unless that is in their terms). The online is treated as a different entity in every game that has both. Even if you mod the multiplayer and only you can see it you are going against the terms and you can be banned. It happened to me in MW2 (I Modded in the multiplayer so bullet holes would appear and blood would splatter on my screen. Also the unreal tournament announcer would say things like "Double kill" and other cool stuff that was only for me to see and didnt give me an advantage) but I understand that they cant tell what happens on my screen so I cannot attest. I'm 100% with the system that Verlisify agrees with and if you want to have fun in your game you can by yourself! Online you need to obey the rules.

  5. good bye russains and china blitz should of not let them even near there games all they know is to cheat the rest of us away from enjoyment so they can pretend to look good and spite skilled players they should take the said cock from the side of there mouth and learn whats skills are see you in a decade or two

  6. "they think they can do what every they want with games they paid for" hmmm…i think that's called ownership…

  7. The "I don't have time or money" arguments are some of the most incredible and mind-blowing for me to see: I consider myself a serious gamer, but even then I always try to remember that Gaming is a Luxury: gaming is something people do for fun in their spare time because they WANT to. Gaming is NOT a Right, i.e. it is not something that's supposed to be granted as essential to people, and finally Gaming is NOT a Necessity, i.e. it is not something essential to support a person's life like food, water, and shelter.

    What this means is that if a person wants to play a game, they need to understand that they are doing so out of their own volition, and it is their own time and money they are wasting by participating, and thus it is up to them to understand what exactly that entails in terms of time and money expenditure. If they cannot find or offer either the time or the money necessary to enjoy a particular game, then they should just stop and find another game that fits what they want. At the end of the day, gaming is not something people need to live, and should have less priority the moment something more important requires that time and resources, like their job (unless gaming is their job like a Professional Gamer).

    Thus, complaining that they don't have the time and money to play a game, and thus they have all the right in the world to cheat, is complete and utter nonsense.

  8. I actualy think banning them from the entire game is a bit to harsh. In my opinion they should be labled as hackers and only be able to play with other players who hacked, because I do understand that a ban is completely legible but you still lose $40+ and that may anger some players. But thats just my opinion and I dont even own Overwatch XD. Sorry for the bad English btw :D

  9. most of these seem so clearly not serious xD bareley any of them are seriously bitter, they all new it was coming, and accept it, and are joking about it in the forum, like that anonymous one an loads more. but a few did seem legit upset, smh

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