Cities Skylines – Rhinestone Island [PART 23] “Airport Infrastructure”


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  1. what if u only let busses and taxes get threw on your roads tooo and off the airpoirt? doesnt that help the traffic

  2. Why does the airport roads mod only add the runways and taxiways. I can't get a plain terminal I have to use the basic airport and you can't put any taxiways or runways on to it

  3. Someone should make a mod that allows underground train stations, because it's my impression that airports don't really have aboveground train stations, or at least not right at the airport grounds

  4. Awesome airport and awesome city. If there's one thing cities skylines should fix is the airport/airplanes. I wish they made it more realistic so they don't bank immediately and they add control towers and shit to make it so much more realistic. I absolutely hate the airports now, and I'm no good at putting them together. I they could make two different terminals, cuz I wanted to make a small town with a regional airport, and I had fucking a380s landing, which I hate. Yes I'm an avgeek

  5. Citizens of Rhinestone Island: Due to our mayors need to detail everything, you had to wait 159 years before you got an airport… But at least cargo gets in well!

  6. There was no problem with The runaway! 😀 The planes just wait for a another planes to land! 😀 xD

  7. Probbaly a bit late now… but have you considered using a bus system to shuttle incoming passengers to a car park area and then have them drive from there? do you think that might help overcome the infinite spawn cars, as the terminals wont spawn cars because only buses can leave, and each bus can carry more people than each car? Perhaps a way to filter the quantity of people??

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