Civilization 6 – A Tutorial for Complete Beginners – Part 2


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  1. Your videos are exactly what I've been looking for! I've been wanting to play Civ games for years, but was always too confused and intimidated by them. You've made it so clear. Looking forward to the rest of the videos!

  2. Very good guide but not a fan of the word "literally" being spammed so much. It doesn't mean anything for almost all the cases here.

  3. I feel you need to be a genius of some kind to play this, it just seems to be 1 million bits of information to remember, the learning curve seems hugh or maybe I am just very slow…

  4. I never comment, but very good narrative and well led through. I'm going to continue with the rest of them. Thanks for putting those cuts in.

  5. What Im missing is this production thing. Higher production allows you to produce units and buildings faster or what? Also what Im very confused about is these resources that pop up. You dont stockpile them as in other games, but how do you utilize them? Im guessing that its similar to the production. Correct me if Im wrong: you build pasture on the horse resource and then if you try to produce horsemen you will be able because you have this resource available. Also if I have two horse resources and I build two pastures will the horsemen be produced quicker? What about production resource? Do horsemen build faster if you have higher production or higher availability of horses? Or maybe they are influenced by both.
    The tutorial in the game is literally useless. I understood that your turn is to choose tech, production and move your units, but I never understood what are the win conditions apart from destroying the other nations on the map.

  6. what happens if the race for a world monument is a tie, and both players complete it on the same turn?

  7. If you start a research, and then complete the boost while it's in progress, will it just cut the remaining turns in half?

  8. When founding your first city (with a settler), how much priority would you put on moving one square to a LESS ideal opening location AND sacrificing a turn, for an EXTRA luxury resource that was more than 3 tiles away, if you already had one in your borders?

    Basically, how much should you value extra luxury resources (with SLIGHTLY less than ideal city placement) that are an extra tile away, over optimal city placement where you are with fewer luxuries?

    Also, by extension, what is the biggest number of turns you should ever sacrifice to get the PERFECT first city with absolutely EVERYTHING (i.e. perfect district potential, all visible resources and luxuries available, freshwater, perfect potential wonder placement, etc) if such a lucrative position exists?

  9. Really great video, though if you could please look into the focus, it kept going in and out of focus.

  10. Cleopatra has a lovely nose too! Haha!!
    (It's an Astrix and Obelix reference, in case you're wondering 😉 )

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