Civilization 6 – A Tutorial for Complete Beginners – Part 6


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  1. Hello guy, im french so i try to be unterstanded =)

    Well i love your video and at least if you speack english i unterstand all what you say, and thx for that.
    I would like to know if this vidéo is the last one of your tutorial, cause the game has been updated, and i would like if you will do another tutorial vidéo serie for beginners.

    Thank for your answer and sorry for my bad english =)

    i love your videos.

  2. I enjoyed to see you videos more than playing the game LOL.
    thanks for the great videos

  3. Just finished the tutorial, i am a beginner to civilization series and this game is extremely addicting. Then after i watched this, the game is actually more complex and huge.

    Thanks man!

  4. Thanks for making my 3 hours train ride meaningful. I watched all your videos on this tutorial and it helped me a lot to understand how this game works.

  5. Very enjoyable and I picked up a few good pointers. Played hundreds of hours of Civ 5, but less than 40 on Civ 6, as struggling to get off to a very good start, on anything but the very easy levels. Ready to do battle again now though.

  6. Thanks mate, looking forward to getting stuck into it after your very thorough tutorial! Cheers

  7. I was hoping you would finish this playthrough even though you already discussed the basic elements of Civ VI for beginners. I kinda wanted to see how this playthrough would go but still, very helpful series. Thanks a lot.

  8. I want to join the Quill is Awesome religion! Awesome videos! Thank you! Liked this entire series and subscribed!

  9. Man, loved all of these videos. They have helped me tremendously. Thanks for keeping it rather concise!

  10. mannn you are awesome for making this series. i cant belive i just watched more than 3 hours non stop tutorial

  11. Finished all the tutorials, and I'm converted now, Quill is awesome! xD I learned a lot.

  12. I have finished all the tutorials. I must say that you've done an amazing job making this. Truly. It's fun and intuitive at the same time.

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