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  1. Funny thing is, that the small spaces actually can work out pretty good, even better as in Civ V.

    In Civ V TSL Earthmaps you could grow a single city or two to giant sizes and be a powerhouse that way. But the same could get achieved with just a large empire with amyn cities.

    In civ vi is the same, more or less. When it's cluttered you can make adjecencybonuses work really well, especially with the right cards. Just 1 or 2 campusdistricts near the Alps in Europe and the +100% Campus adjecencybonus card and you get a massive science boost that only the larger empires could match (of course it all also depends on the difficullty).
    Germany has massive Adjecencybonusses with their Hanse. There only having 2 or 3 cluttered cities can be really powerfull with perfect placed commercial hubs and industry districts. With some other mines or districts nearby and with the right card I got like 14 production just from adjecency bonusses for each hanse in my 2 central european cities.

    Japan is even better at this. To little space for districts on the japanese islands? Well, Japan only profits from that with massive adjecency bonusses. Even got the achievement "Maji Restauration" on a TSL Game where I had to get +6 adjecency bonus in a single district.

    And so on. Cities on Islands can get quite good when you specilize them. In generall combining commcerial hub and harbor is strong enough to get a good ecenomy, with some sea ressources nearby even more so.
    With some mines n stuff you can get a good production city. With mountains a neat science island.
    Not to forget that some civs get huge bonusses as well. Again Germany can boost both gold and production of a small island city with harbor+commerc hub + hanse. Japan again can make the most of it, just placing a district near the city center gives +1 of the value of the district. Brazil can get good bonusses when there's jungle in that island. And so on.

    I would say a european start could work even better in civ vi as in civ v. But nya. They are just very different. In Civ V you can easily grow a powerhouse but in civ vi you can abuse the districts bonuses quite well to get a good start.

  2. In real life japan is limited historically by the lack of strategic resources on the island
    during ww2 for example

  3. those mountian ranges in america arent large enough to me does anyone agree? The Serria's should be nightmarish to get roads and units through with really only one pass through the middle. Also does anyone else name features on non earth maps after stuff associated with your civ? I put a marker of the dead sea as America and called it the great salt lake also i had a huge lake nearby i called superior. Or another time where i was Rome but i named this one mountian pass i named thermopoli (i know its greek) because it was only 1 tile wide and i just camped a legion in a fort in it with some archers and stopped a massive american invasion. because the only other way around was 20 tiles away.

  4. When you talk about Civs and True to start locations, it's pretty historically accurate. That's is why some actual countries are having a tough time economically and with resources.

    The developers may have taking the fact that Earth maps get made by modders or the had a plan to create some themselves. That why the civ abilities were made the way that they were. As Drew said, starting on an Island might not be the best thing. Even thought Japan is a larger Archipelago the did not historically have the most abundant resources. But with their Civ ability, being able to get even greater district adjacency bonuses is pretty true to life. Being a country that is area wise the size of California and having a lot of it mostly uninhabitable because of mountains and having about 5 times the population size show that then can make use of space.

    If your going to play true to life starts your going to have to either consider a true to life outcome(Rome is not what it used to be) or exceed the expectation and thrive greater than your Civ actually is in today's real world.

  5. maybe Memphis/Egypt were trying to grab a resource a little to far from the river and spaced themselves one tile away to build an aqueduct that way is could still have fresh water there? idk what the AI is thinking but thats one reason i haven't been settling right on rivers. only problem is it takes a minute to get the aqueduct so itd be slow growth up to that point. but a good combo of residential districts and about 7 or 8 farms (you can replace later) will sky rocket the pop in even the smallest cities

  6. Any idea why i cant use the mod?

    i installed it just as stated on the website, but it does not show up in the extra content menu to activate it

  7. Hey Drew, you can already use 50 civs. You just have to do advanced setup and set map size to "ludicrous" before you switch the map type to GIant Earth. It will unlock all civ slots. Small bug in the UI.

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