Civilization 6: Gameplay – Aztec [Leader Tips & Strategy Breakdown]


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  1. I think you're definitely going to have to pillage their improvement for luxuries before taking on their army in full if at all possible.

  2. That's kind of cool, but it would be cooler and more appropriate if they took sacrificial captives to increase religion or something.

  3. why did they stop making these for video console type..n what are some other games with this idea..Love this strategy game..hopefully it reaches to the style of Warcraft games itl be epic n non stop conquering villages n all that shit

  4. Start next to Monty,
    make cheap combat unit, let Monty flip it to worker. Steal it back.

    What could go wrong?

  5. What do I think? Well as if you'd care but I think its bullshit you gave no mention to the fact it's locked for the first 90 days

  6. i honestly dont get people moaning about the graphics ye its cartoon style and what ? will that make the game any less challenging or strategic because if it does not then i dont see the problem

  7. This breakdowns are really cool! It is very clear how excited you are about this game by doing all these things

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