Civilization 6 Gameplay: Japan [Civ 6 Leader Hojo Tokimune Let’s Play] Part 1 | Domination Strategy!


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  1. Great work, japan is my favorite in CIV 6…. I hope my channel is as big as yours.

  2. 17:00
    "This is gonna be a battle of…dudes with swords."
    That NEEDS to become one of the tech quotes for Bronze Working or something.

  3. Erm what map? And how did u make japan on an island? Is it like that automaticly (and yes im good at geogrephy

  4. Do we know how many total civilizations there will be in 6? And if I buy the deluxe version does that allow me to download all future DLC for free?

  5. All this game needs to be perfect:
    – fix the beyond broken parts
    – in-game gestion of natural disasters like hurricanes, sandstorms and eruptions.
    – the possibility to keep taken city's buildings as they originally look like (it sucks that they're normed out according to the architecture of your civ.)
    – some more roaming hazards besides the barbarians, like the wandering lions seen in civilization IV
    – less caricatured animation of leaders

  6. Drew you could have settles on the hex by the ocean and the river. It counts as a costal city but you also get the plus 3 housing

  7. To make a new city, what is the minimum space it could be away from another city? Could I make a city only to spaces away from another city just like in civ 3?

  8. You should've used the Galleys to DISTRACT the barbarians. You see they actually CAN do something against them. When you are trying to run with your damaged warrior you can park your galley on the coast nearby the barbs and they will instantly go for it instead of the slightly farther away warrior of yours since it's the closest enemy unit. And when the galley gets lower hp you just pull it out into the ocean farther so they can't reach it. I've used this tactic to great effect on island maps before, great for early game when you need a turn or two of healing or are desperately trying to rush back to a fortified city etc..

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