Civilization 6 Gameplay | Peter Russia 🌎 | Let’s Play | Episode 8


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  1. oh so play that threaten me with law really? thank you! for your service but you threaten me with a ban' ya' thats it take the ability to enjoy you tube with my kid family or ability to create content to create different income but why? because I had a controversial disagreement about where this channel an your content is in my opinion then you remove or threaten to remove my comments because there off topic. I dont need the law or a background in anyway to justify or defend my opinion or freedom to express it period. I respect your opinions as well so already respectfully un-subbed an are leaving this channel but you use your tools but I watched you since day 1 daily from launch of h1z1, never believe you threw out your sub. # Im proud of where you got but damn alrighty….

  2. you actually will remove comments thats freedom of speech infringement on that proves this channel is useless

  3. I was so happy when you realised you got iron from germany, haha. Good game, I'm struggling as japan, china really hates me

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