Civilization 6 – Immortal Germany – Part 6 – Civ 6 Gameplay


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  1. Marbs, I assume you know, but I'll point it out anyay: giving an AI a small amount of flat gold, say, 10, will net you a small boost.

    If you do it once per turn for multiple turns, the boost keeps increasing (up to +10).

    It's cheaper and better than giving them GPT.

  2. you play like ai, spam a whole flood of ancient era units … meanwhile gold going down and down
    meanwhile i attack civs with 4 units and wipe them out, one siege, one ranged, one melee with a siegetower lol

  3. Industrial Zones matter for all cities within 7 tiles after they get factories. so you should take that into consideration. Just noticed you mentioned it didn't matter when you were deciding between 2 identical tiles. the tile closer to your other cities might have been better, although I didn't actually check it. Point is: You should check that in the future.

  4. Hey marbozir, justo a tiny thing, the tile you used to the hansa would be best suores to the commercial hub cuz it borders more river tiles.

  5. The island north east of Mainz, would that be a good location the african trade wonder? It sems that you can get 5 bonus yelds for that city.

  6. I was still looking southeast of the cursor because of the previous vids and was wondering why it didn't highlight anything for longer than I'd like to admit. Yes, I'm that stupid 🙂

  7. the location for the hansa matters later on factories, they give production to other cities within 6 tiles

  8. Building the hanza on the tile to the left of berlin wold have been better because then the 6 tile AOE buildings like factory and power plant would have been in range of Mainz. Planning your city placement for entertainement complex and IZ aoe buildings isn't cruicial yet but once the AI gets fixed it'll be mandatory in deity Marbz so better get used to it now 🙂

  9. At 2:12 you can see that the location to the Northwest would have supported Mainz with a factory, so I think that would have been better than the location you chose.

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