Civilization 6: Russia – Fractal Immortal – Part 1


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  1. How do you change it, so you can see the animation when meeting people? Mine just sows the conversation not them speaking.

  2. This dude actually puts time and thought into his movements lol I'm just like fuck it! And click random shit.

  3. I strongly prefer watching on YouTube, except when the caster is about to do something critically disastrous. I would have been one of the guys in chat going "Is Silver a strategic resource?" Luckily Twitch chat had your back once again.

  4. I'm so glad you play this game. I'm terribad at it, but it's so damn interesting. Watching you play makes me want to buy it.

  5. 1.24 when he says "what do we have near us" when deciding what to tech first, is what happens to me in EVERY game. Each time i think, next time i will look first but i always forget.

  6. Is there a reason he doesn't use the resource overlay when considering where to settle? Is it to force himself to consider the location more than the resources because it's so much more important? I usually go by resources first but he ignores them altogether?

  7. Why is this not Deity? Your bragging about it being easy and advertised on the CO-Optional Podcast as playing on Deity.

  8. Should Civ have barbs spawning less or not at all in Tundra? I mean there were no barbs in Antarctica or Greenland

  9. Well, I am about to finish as Russia on emperor (continents), so I guess this is next. Barbarians are fucking mental, the come at you with bows at turn 2, wtf.

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