Civilization 6: Three Mods of AWESOME!


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  1. if you need the first 2 ui mods you are retarded i guess you cant look at the map and plan accordingly they have already dumb down civilization to the point its not even fun any more

  2. That My Government tab would tell you your government legacy bonuses and how close you are to triggering another

  3. The AI in this game is relatively poor and progressively lacking. They seriously need to work on that as a significant improvement of gameplay for the future of the series.

  4. Nice, but do these UI mods still block Steam achievements? I probably can't start using them until I'm done.

  5. The only thing i would add to the trading mod is to have it show the route the trader just finished. Again this was a feature that was in Civ 5. Seems like a simple thing not sure why its not in here already. It would be perfect in that big empty gray block at the top of the trader menu.

  6. Still hoping for a City Population growth notification. We had this in Civ V. It makes managing cities a lot easier when we get a notification of growth.

  7. city overlap… it should be circle around your settler and circle around your industrial zone…
    huts… i think they should make those rays over them more visible as they are now… hard to see the.

  8. Wow, that lenses mod is nice!

    I don't care about sorting trade routes, but I wish we could look at potential trade routes from some other city than the one where the trader is currently located. Typically, in the early game, I make trade routes for the roads, so I want to look at that from different cities, to see where the roads would go and which would be most important to me right then.

    Hmm,… I learned something else here, too. I didn't even realize there was a 'map pin' feature. That's going to come in useful. Thanks!

  9. Love the change to great people screen. does anyone know if it removes great prophets from the screen if they have all been claimed?

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