Civilization 6 Tutorial Gameplay | Learning from Civ 5 to Civ 6 Walkthrough Tutorial | Part 1


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  1. when ur playing a happy civ 6 game and then you get to see a new civ and you see ghandi your like "i hate my life"

  2. I had the worst starting location,3 of 4 of my city's where stick by the sea until late I found a river all my city's where costal, and how do I fix anarchy?

  3. Thanks for the helpful video. I was coming from Civ 5 and completely overwhelmed by all of the changes. I kept fighting the urge to go back to Civ 5. This video makes Civ 6 look much more interesting than I thought!

  4. What is that song playing in the background in the very beginning of the video? I think its Kongo but i cannot find it on Youtube. I love that song and want it playing all the time while Im playing. HELP IS APPRECIATED

  5. I know this might not be exactly beginner material, but you could stress out a bit more on how important it is to have two good mountain spots in your reach- which you would have, without losing anything, if you had moved across the river.

  6. I dont think its so important to go +1 faith +1 gold if you want to go religion. To found one you need GP points for a prophet, not faith. I think its better to go for the +1 production instead, since youll get the holy district earlier

  7. 19:26 …there IS "default focus" .. It's funny you didn't find it whole time.. if you have the city activated, the radiocheckboxes aren't just for fun in the UI 😀

  8. does a hill still gives the extra production to a city; and is settling next to a mountain as important now as it was on civ V?

  9. Thank you guys for posting this. I have learned so much already, and I'm only like 20 minutes in. Great stuff here.

  10. why would you say builders die, you have no proof. its much more likely they retire after a long life of working… seems odd you say they just die

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