Civilization IV for Mac free download tutorial


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Free civilization6freedownloadmac is ready for download

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  1. Olá, alguém conseguiu instalar nos novos MacBook Pro, tenho um mac com 4 mêes e não consegui instalar.
    Alguém me pode ajudar

  2. This doesn't work for Mac OS X Yosemite, because it only runs the newest versions of games. Please help.

  3. This CANNOT work. You end up downloading a .torrent file that nothing on any computer can read.

  4. It downloaded perfectly but the picture of the game is off. Like its not centered is there something wrong with the download or is there some way i can fix it

  5. Hi! Thanks for the video. But it doesn't work for me : my problem is that when I want to install the "Civ4_1.74.dmg" file, a box says to me "internal error. You cannot install the software". And then if I browse and look for the CIV4 data on my HD (like you in the video) it appears to be pale and i cannot click on it. So no upgrade 🙁
    And then of course I cannot aplly the patch of crack software on the CIV4 data becausue it hasn't been upgraded before.
    I have a snow leopard OS with 2,4G intel core duo and lot of place to install the software. Tell me if u see any solution to fix this
    Thanks !

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