Civilization V | Denmark – The Vikings DLC gameplay trailer (2011)


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  1. Stupid Norwegians. Just because the danish history is much cooler doesn't mean you have to get butthurt.

  2. Why the fuck do you play as vikings when you play as denmark they were the first of denmark sweden and norway to turn away from being vikings the norwegians were the last of them to become christian and turn away from being vikings you should play as norway instead!

  3. first of all anyone who think the scotsmen were wimpy and short are fucking stupid the scotsmen are related to an extinct race of vikings called the pict's so no they were not short or wimpyï»ż

  4. @sara Riis gartenmann haha true. We fought with each other's back then, we fight with each other now… Only now with comments on YouTube, and not axes and swords.

  5. Its funny how everytime i watch a video about scandinavia or vikings, the comments are overloaded with mad scandinavians. Damn guys, get your shit together, we're all awesome.

  6. @svelgenkamel: You're right about the part that they didn't distinguish between Danes, Norwegians and Swedes they were all Northmen/Normans/Norseman, especially in the Latin scriptures from that time. It is however the Islandic Sagas where you get the information about Rollo being Göngu-Hrólfr from Norway. Those were NOT contemporary, they were written several hundred years later in Iceland. As great as the icelandic Sagas are, they are also known for inaccuracies, exaggerations and a certain bias. In a more contemporary source from Normandy; De moribus et actis primorum Normannorum ducum, he was identified as being from Faxe (or Fakse) in Zealand; son of a Danish nobleman at loggerheads with the king of Denmark and brother of Gurim. It also makes more sense Rollo being from Denmark cause:
    1. Danish vikings frequently raided/invaded France, not so much Norwegians.
    2. It is without debate acknowledged that he traveled with Danes.
    3. He spoke "Danish tongue" the east norse language/dialect – as did some of his descendants.

  7. Secondly, the settlements in normandie proobably had it's roots in modern days norway. the confusion is mostly due to that the historical sources from that time didn't know the difference of denmark, norway, sweden which is very understandable. conetmporrary scandianavian sources identifies Rollo, the first warlord to rule normandie as Göngu-Hrólfr, a norwegian outlaw.

  8. That's not quite correct. Firstly the Rus were actually "viking" people who settled down in todays russia. They founded a dynasty of rus in said area.

  9. The Vikings didn't use armor. The horned helmet has been proved over several occations to not have been a normal piece of equipment. Only 1 chainmail armor have been found in scandinavia and a couple of lamellar armors. Mostly it was cloth and some leather bracers etc.

    The thing about the Vikings and specifically norse mythology is that they didn't see death as a bad thing. If you could die in battle with honor it was great!

  10. Well atleast we Norwigeans got a tropper named after us, but it had been nicer to get norway in the game as some kind of wiking

  11. I'm tired of all this argument.

    Denmark and Sweden fought til the death.
    And Norway just sat there, looking like faggots.

    End of story.

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