Civilization VI ► How do Cities Work in Civ 6?


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  1. Now that harbors produce the ships to work the water tiles, are there any or many reasons to put a city on the actual coast anymore?

  2. help I cant stop playing CIV 6. the gameplay is soo slow. Before I know it ive been playing for 6 hours straight or more!

  3. But, is there a way to remove or change a district once built?
    I have a religious district but did not get to start a religion. It is now a waste of space.

  4. Hey man, just wanted to thank you for making these videos on Civ 6. You have done a fantastic job presenting the information available in a way that is not too long or too short with some relevant footage to demonstrate and good commentary to boot.

  5. I love the new district mechanic and the fact that we FINALLY get to be more involved in what is built on each tile, rather than just automate workers and not care… LOVE IT!

  6. Finally they added this harbor system!
    I also like the appeal-system. I have always wanted this feature for Pandora First Contact, but now at least Civ6 got it.

  7. I really liked the visual style. However, I think that some elements in the UI are kind of in disagreement with the new visual style, like the buttons and the production menu.
    But nothing that could bother or not get used to.

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