Civilization VI ► The AI & Difficulty! – Still “Garbage”?


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  1. Hoplites are trash against warriors, I certainly overestimated how strong they should be when playing Gorgo on Prince, I don't think this is a difficulty thing

  2. Emperor is still too easy, only at the beginning can the ai pull some punches, but after a while they sucks for not having half as much cities as i do.

  3. It looks similar to Civ V but I do enjoy the changes the game has. The AI is a let down IMO.
    Currently close to finishing my first match on Prince difficulty and must admit its quite docile. Glad they dont declare war for no reason but even with me sending lots of spies and troops near a border they refused to declare war. After 30 hours in this match I will definitely take this videos advice and try King difficulty which is hopefully a bit more challenging.

  4. Also, I've noticed people comparing Civ Ai to RTS AI. You cannot compare RTS AI to TBS games. Turn-based games mean you have the same reaction time and micro-management capabilities as the AI, but in RTS games you can just give the AI more computing power and they will be able to micromanage the shit out of any human. That makes them much, much easier to make difficult than turn-based games. I'd say Civ is even more complex than the board game Go in terms of moves available and possibilities, so it'll be a good long while before an AI can out-compete a human. It might even take future neural-network AI's to do it.

  5. I have never played any civ games but I play star craft from time to time and have heard good things about civ 6
    But upon further inspection many ppl do not like the game and it seems like the AI are not worth playing against
    Should I bother buying Civ 6

  6. The problem isn't the bonuses granted to AI. The problem is that AI can't manage an effective war. 1 unit/tile kill this game because AI can't find a way to capture your cities

  7. Pretty lame that higher difficulty just means the AI is cheating with more bonuses for the same tiles and units. That's stupid. So what I usually do rather is play at the highest fair difficulty and just compete against teams of AI.

  8. Sadly, the AI became worse. Some civs declare war on you even without meeting you! You never see them show up and you see a weird screen you declare war at yourself?! The agendas are in some cases just idiocy. If you have 1 unit less than Egypt, she already whines your army is weak, even when your units are way better. Surprise wars are still a thing and bad AI tactics. Even America who loves peaceful continent players declares surprise wars at you for the only reason that you are 'weak'. It's really horrible.

  9. I'm on prince and I've been in 4 unprovoked wars. It's way more aggressive then 5. It's not hard to fight them but it's been a continuous stream of denouncing and insults.

  10. Prince difficulty is not THAT passive. The bonuses for human and AI players are even and it's not uncommon to be declared upon almost straight away by someone who has warmonger tendencies (Aztecs and Sumerians come to mind). The thing that breaks the deal is that AI manages its empire VERY POORLY, setting up districts even though they have no good tile for that (it's mandatory for them to try to set up a religion, even when they have no agenda towards it nor any civ specific bonuses). It has some trouble with unit upgrading as well, as you can fight their classical army way into Industrial Age because it didn't bother upgrading its units (you would have to sit back and kill all slingers and warriors to make way to them train newer units).

  11. The problem with the AI is tied heavily to the 1 Unit per tile change. I brought this up in Civ5 as the change makes tactics more than strategy the key to winning. The old Doom stacks made it so having a good mix of units gave you an advantage as the strongest unit would always defend thus ensuring the defender got the best bonus to counter the attacking unit type. This means that you often needed more units than the defender had or much better units in order to win. It also meant repelling an army could be tricky as they would then get the defender bonus of best pick on defense from their stack.

    The new one unit per tile completely eliminates the strategy of army composition to have units matching up against type. Range units rule the day and dominate because they can attack without taking damage. I've played Civ5 on Diety and held off an AI player 2 tech levels above me with better positioning and tactics to the point that I was losing 1 unit to every 3-5 he would send at me. On lower difficulties I often wipe out whole Civs without a single unit lost. In some tough fights I might lose 1-3 units.

    The tactics are very simply and quite easy to employ against both AI and players alike. Build 2-4 Range units per every 1 melee unit. Use the Melee unit in front the run interference and NEVER attack with the melee unit unless it's to finish off a unit and there is no other threats around. Instead the melee unit is there to prevent charging of the range units and spends it's turns healing rather than weakening itself in a frontal attack, best let the enemy make that mistake. Instead your range units focus fire on any units that move up to the melee unit in range which is quite common as people often try to charge the line.

    After you have wiped out their army with ease you move in range of the city and bombard it to 0 HP. You pull back the range units as need be to get healing when the cities defenses injury it enough that it might die next turn. In this way you never lose a single unit. Then when the city is at 0 HP you move the Melee unit in and capture the city with little damage to the melee unit and overall no casualties.

    The AI, and many players I've fought in MP, seem to focus heavily on Melee as they are either locked in their ways from older Civ games or view the range units weakness to melee as to great of a hindrance. Yet if your range units are getting into melee your failing at tactics. Larger armies should have front line of 2-3 melee and about dozen or more range units to bring up the rear. The range units in back can focus fire on any fast moving Calvary that close the distance to slip past melee units which the front line range can focus on the enemies front lines. And you focus fire to kill the unit so it can't retreat and heal.

    I pretty much mop the floor in tactical combat against anyone who tries to rely to heavily on melee. Like in that Diety match I mentioned I do lose troops in this strategy sometimes against heavy melee based forces who simply have massive amounts of stronger forces as the front line melee can't heal fast enough and my range don't kill fast enough against overwhelming superior numbers. But they do far better than a melee heavy army would have against the attacking force.

    Also with the range you can fall back to a city and use it's superior strength as the melee blocker with your range units behind it or in it while attacking any enemy unit that closes. It's also a good counter to my ranged attack tactic of weakening the city since the combine force of the city, garrison unit, and defending range units can often snipe any units that come in range so they die before they can retreat.

    But these sort of advanced tactics I think are beyond the AI's ability. I play a lot of tactics games over the years, such as Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, FF Tactics, Ogre Tactics, X-Com(all of them), and so on. And what I've found is that good Tactical AI is hard to do, more often than not the challenge comes from fighting against superior forces rather than superior tacticians.

    But due to this I have a very tactical mindset and since Civ5 I can win a game almost purely on tactics alone as I can often crush any AI player regardless of if they have an army twice my size, and often do as I build up my cities mostly with a small defense force and the AI surprise attacks me followed by me wiping out their army and taking a few cities than accepting peace.

    Sadly that is usually how most of my games go as I expand through conquest in defense wars to the point I'm the largest Civ and out produce everyone for whatever Victory I want. And Upping the difficulty just makes the tactics part harder so that I feel I need to lean on conquest more for the victory rather than the other paths. As I tried Deity more and more I found that I needed to rush conquest at least one AI to ensure that I expanded enough with enough cities to stand up to the massive production bonus the AI got. In fact it often meant I had to go to war just to slow them down as leaving them to peacefully build allowed them to grow far to fast. Which ultimately made it so that Conquest was the only TRUE victory option. Because if you stop short of conquest victory just to build the Space Race Victory you didn't really get space race victory your just showing off at that point.

    Honestly as long as they have the current 1UPT setup I don't really expect the AI to improve all that much. In fact the new city building mechanic I think only compounds the issue as you now have to plan out city and district placement to take advantage of adjacency bonus and wonders. I actually built several wonders 2-3 eras after they were discovered because no AI had done it yet, most likely due to the very unique set of requirements that those wonders had.

  12. After playing the game for a week, i gotta say the AI is rubbish.
    In Civ V it took me a very very long time before i learned how to beat the game on diety and even longer to beat it reliably.

    One week into Civ VI and i have no problems playing on diety. In my current game, i have 5 cities and only one of them have have a campus and i'm second out of 8 civs in science. The only one ahead of me is Gilgamesh because the AI loves spamming their unique tile improvements.

    I think there's some serious flaws in the AI, but one pretty obvious one i seen just from looking at their cities is that they don't know how to plan their cities. In Civ V 90% of city planning was where to build the city. Once a city was built it's mostly a matter of improving all tiles and making buildings: something an AI can easily do.
    In Civ VI however, you need to stack all farms together for the bonuses and put districts in useful position for better bonuses. Something the AI doesn't do well.

    As it looks now Civ VI wont last very long for me, unless multiplayer turns out to be more appealing then it was in Civ V.

  13. i think the ai leaders are all crazy even your declared friend go war against you coz "unknown reasons" and the trading is still impossible they want everything for a single resource and when they need something their offer is ridiculous.

  14. lol still very idiotic AI its the old lets just give the Computer more units to start with to pump up the score lol they came at me with horses vs tanks on immortal

  15. Let it be said through out history that perciles is a twat. he becomes my friend we trade Mercury for citrus and then he declares war on me and my three city states all militaristic taken turns in consecutively raping and pillaging London good game tho.

  16. Funny enough you say that about the difficulty on Prince. I am still fairly new to Civ even in 5 and never played much. I played as settler on 6 and the first AI encountered went and took my capital within the first 50 turns. ._. I have learned from my mistakes at this point.

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