CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Aztec


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  1. I'm surprised they didn't look for a female to lead the Aztecs. Their biggest criteria for choosing a leader: have a vagina!

  2. LOOKS LIKE JUST A RIP OFF TO ADD TO SIDS WALLET 5 WAS SO PATHETIC LOST PATROL FEATURES STUPID AI the construction features did NOT follow the path you gave them they thought better and went ALL the friggin way around go start the path from other side. Have these terrible "upgrades" from Civ 4 been fixed or is this truly just a waste of money on what used to be a great game.

  3. Where the fuck is Pakistan? Why is the greatest country on this hovel of a planet never included? I want to see nuclear missiles from Islamabad and Lahore annihilating Ghandi.

    Get it done. Now.

  4. the farms and other upgraded tiles. looks like chinese and European architecture….GAHH, SHAMFUL DISPRAY!

  5. My only question is do the workers generated from fallen enemies get affected by worker buffs like Pyramids.

  6. yo Sid! Wheres LOP – Lithuanian Overwhelming Pricipality. It was also an empire at medieval era.

  7. Why does Montezuma have a beard?  Face and body hair is something you almost never see in Native Americans without European or African genes added.    And why does he look Spanish?  He is the Aztec King,  Aztec's migrated from Asia,  not Europe.

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